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Hello, everybody. This is going to be extremely explicit. So… if you don’t like swearing, um, or angry people — from Wisconsin — then turn your mothereffing camera off NOW. I just got back from Bath and Body Works and I am going to start from the veeery beginning. (sigh) I’m so…

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Dancing With The Devil | Ke$ha

The song about her producer Dr. Luke

Ke$ha’s response to the “Free Kesha" petition in her interview with Rolling Stone

There’s an online petition trying to emancipate you from your longtime producer, Dr. Luke. Have you seen it?
I have, yeah.

They have over 3300 signatures now. Their argument is that Dr. Luke, and I’m quoting them here, is “controlling Ke$ha like a puppet.” Is this a petition you support?
I feel like my fans are really protective of me. They just want to see me grow as an artist, which I agree with. Hopefully in the future, I’ll be in a position where I can put out a ballad or a more vulnerable song.

You don’t have any creative control now?
Not really. What’s been put out as singles have just perpetuated a particular image that may or may not be entirely accurate. I’d like to show the world other sides of my personality. I don’t want to just continue putting out the same song and becoming a parody myself. I have so much more to offer than that and I can’t wait till the world really gets to hear that on the radio.
10/14/14 UPDATE


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